Free Web Development Course Started !

ESAB has arranged a web development course for free of cost for the novice students and for the interested students. 27th April of 2012, the first class of this course had taken by Mahmuduru Rahman Nahid ( PHP expert & software engineer at Astha IT Research & Consultancy Ltd) in presence of 45 students from different universities.

ESAB is happy to have this announcement to extent this opportunity to the engineering students. But this is a open learning session for all whether s/he is an ESABian or not. And obviously the classes will be vary informal and discuss friendly. But its up to the participants to utilize this opportunity. So tell your friends, discuss about your problems and comment/share your thoughts about how you are facing problems. Invite your friend in this group and ask them to participate in the discussion.

ESAB is going to provide some extra aid to the novice in web developer. Primarily ESAB is planning with the following target group:

#1. Students of CSE/CS/CIT or EEE and facing trouble with basic C programming on academic courses.
#2. Any engineering student keenly interested in c programming and feeling hesitation about where and how to start.
#3. Any engineering student having self interest in programming.

The course will be vary beginning courses for novices and will gradually stair up to Ninja.



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