Industrial Visit at BAT Bangladesh was conducted by ESAB.

An industrial visit has been successfully accomplished by Engineering Students Association of Bangladesh (ESAB). A delegation team with 11 members of ESAB participated in the event.

ESAB is grateful to “BAT Bangladesh” authority as they gave the opportunity to make such helpful industrial visit.

Total 11 members (4 from BUET, 2 from AIUB, 2 from AUST, 2 from BracU and 1 from CUET) of ESAB attended this outreach program. Program started at 9:30 pm at the BAT Bangladesh’s industry situated at mohakhali. ESAB members were getting familiar with the technology of a world class industry and they were amazed with the latest technology. Moreover, they were acknowledged with the exclusive industrial technologies used in massive production. ESAB members visited the whole industry and they were guided by the trainer Md. Moinuddin Parvez. After this program participants found them acknowledged with the world class industrial technology and its mechanism.

ESAB’s  Vice President Asif Al Hye, General Secretary Md. Arif Raihan Maahi and Asst. General Secretary Kazi Safwath Abedin and treasurer Prianka Sengupta were present at the program.

Md. Moinuddin Parvez (Technical Trainer, Maker, Manufacturing, Supply Chain,BAT Bangladesh) coordinated the program. Fahim Ibn Karim (Team Leader, PMD, BAT Bangladesh) and Md. Zahirul Haq Torun ( Training Manager, BAT Bangladesh) were present while ESAB team was visiting the idustry.

Engineering Students' Association of Bangladesh is the largest engineering student community of Bangladesh and ESAB arrange such program in a regular basis as ESAB is working for the betterment of the members real life experiences. ESAB’s vision is to make the engineering community efficient for solving different problems of our society with their engineering knowledge and ideas.

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