About Techkriti'13, GRC- Bangladesh Round !

Global Robotics Competition(GRC) of Techkriti’13, IIT Kanpur now in Bangladesh!

Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) is going to organize the biggest Robotics Competition in Bangladesh in association with Techkriti’13, IIT Kanpur. All the prominent and notable robotics team from different engineering universities of Bangladesh will converge on this most spectacular Robotic showcasing of GRC (Global Robotics Competition) of Bangladesh round.

Techkriti, the annual technical and entrepreneurship multihued festival in Asia which is held every year in Kanpur, India and GRC is one of the major concentrations of this mega event where participants and visitors from around the globe get together to watch these mesmerizing exhibits. For the first time, Bangladesh has become a part of it and ESAB is the official organizer of Bangladesh event.

ESAB (Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh) is the largest government registered engineering student organization in Bangladesh comprising of units in all major engineering universities

Motivated students who want to participate in this great competition are requested to turn up with their Robots and for details of this competition please keep your eyes on the following contact addresses given below.Detail about the competition will be published soon on the ESAB’s official website.

Important Dates of GRC - Bangladesh Round:

Registration Open              : [ will be announced soon ]

Last Date of Registration  : [ will be announced soon ]

Venue                                  : [ will be announced soon ]

GRC-Bangladesh Round will be held on 6-7 February, 2013.

Competition Details:

There are two parts in total competition. Details are given below. Please follow the link.

i) iARC - International Autonomous Robotics.

ii)iRGT - International Robot's Got Talent.

Winning team from each part will get chance to take part in the final round of Techkriti'13 which will be held at IIT Kanpur.

In pursuit of selecting the eligible team who will compete on behalf of Bangladesh, ESAB is going to arrange a magnificent Robotics Competition across the country in all major engineering universities and looking for volunteers who will collaborate to undertake this grand event. Interested students for volunteering are being requested to contact immediately and all the voluntary team will be given certificate of acknowledgement.

Apply for volunteering.

Siddhartha Sanghi; Coordinator Robogames Techkriti'13 | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    |  +91 9005666593

Md. Arif Raihan Maahi; General Secretary, ESAB | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    |    +8801723751289


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